Startup bаttle


Startup Battle – presentation of AI projects on a big stage

    Startup Battle is the contest aimed at finding the best idea among startup projects.

On April 25, exhibition area of AI Conference 2017 will host the competition between promising startups offering solutions in the sphere of artificial intelligence. Project founders will be able to present their ideas to large investors, business angels and representatives of venture companies.

Moderator of the tournament will be Denis Kozminykh, a successful entrepreneur, founder of BAZAAR VP venture platform and Knomsy Inc. business analyzer.

The best projects will be financed.

Only the most promising startups were qualified for the battle:

Reveal with a project titled “AI assistant for digital marketing”

The service automates Facebook Ads and sent results of advertising campaigns to the messenger.

Nilar and “Safe driving” project

Nilar’s product is a software for preventing car crashes. The system tracks position of the traffic participants, allowing to identify dangerous situations and prevent possible crashes.

- Neüro and “Automation in neuromarketing”

The system allows users to reduce the cost of marketing research by using neural networks, enriching research data and automating the result analysis. In such a way, more advertisers and advertising suppliers will get access to neuromarketing tools.

- uKit AI with “Smart website renovation system” project

The startup development helps to improve website structure using high-precision neural networks and generative design.

- The project “Industrial construction of log houses applying smart CNC machine

The system is based on the CNC machine with technical vision and special software, allowing to establish industrial construction of log houses.

- The project “Self-contained robots, robotized cockroach

The startup has developed a self-learning hybrid techno-biological system, controlled by an implant via a neural network.

- The project “Improving rehabilitation training

The panel of judges will consist of representatives of large investment and venture companies, business angels, accelerators and AI experts.

- Other project

The unique hardware and software system of the startup provides effective rehabilitation training for patients suffered from neurological disorder.

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April 19, 2018 | Moscow