Post-release spring 2019

Recent AI Conference: results of Moscow artificial intelligence event

On April 9, Smile-Expo held the fourth AI Conference in Moscow, an event dedicated to artificial intelligence in business. The event brought together owners of the largest companies, technology developers, and marketing specialists who revealed how AI could improve working processes.

What did speakers discuss?

Invited specialists explained the way of automation and artificial intelligence technologies encouraging Russian business growth. The conference was opened by Sergey Shopik, the head and founder of Customer Experience Laboratory.

After the moderator’s welcome speech, speakers thoroughly analyzed how AI could improve customer experience, automate manufacturing, attract clients, and prepare business analytics.

AI challenges and prospects

Konstantin Gorbach, the head of intelligent applications department at Zyfra, highlighted challenges and prospects of AI application.

The expert revealed stages of current development of AI solutions:

  • 2–3 weeks: task description;
  • 1–3 months: encouragement for customers and project approval;
  • 2–7 months: documents preparation, security assurance, and automation of given processes;
  • 5–6 months: scaling;
  • outcome: a single architecture and control.

The speaker stressed labor market transformation among AI-related problems. He stated that the technology would not steal jobs, as human and robotic obligations would be divided. Artificial intelligence will be responsible for information collection, data analysis, and interpretive reading, while people will create motivation for companies and interact with customers.

Project financing

Alexey Dobrusin, the founder of Gedokorp Internet agency and a member of the Marketing Guild, told the audience how to raise government funds for artificial intelligence projects.

The speaker believes that projects get financing not for the application of technologies, but for the solution of certain issues and specified goals. If the team accomplishes the above-mentioned efficiently using AI features and value, it will raise capital.

Besides, he recommended projects to gain support from national accelerators and state programs aimed at technology evolution. The specialist’s core tip: monitor the market demands and focus on relevant objectives.

Business process automation

Leonid Konovalov, the founder of InfoSystems, shared secrets of automation for small and medium businesses.

The speaker asserted that manual drawing up of reports could cause non-delivery, theft, and writing off risks. Therefore, one should use AI to automateaccounting records, various types of accounting, goods turnover, and warehouses. technology will reduce risks.

Moreover, he mentioned that AI should be used in established and scalable businesses:

“Enterpriser’s thinking and competitive business model come first, and technologies come second,” the specialist is assured.

Conversion of expenditures into revenues

Anton Malov, a director at GANDIVA, unveiled how AI could cut personnel expenses and increase company’s income based on the case study by AGAT Group.

The expert said that the integrated AI system recorded work of all employees and determined whether they justified expenses spent on them. As the result, the speed of decision making grew by 25%, requests of internal customers were fulfilled 72% faster, and employee satisfaction regarding corporate services went up by 71%.

AI to support users

Felix Skvortsov, the head of robotic process automation at CROC, gave an insight into the robotic-enabled user support in the context of M.Video-Eldorado’s smart chatbot.

According to the speaker, up to 70% of the client requests do not require human intervention.

“Up to 90% of the applications to HR offices can be processed automatically, as well as up to 100% of the newcomers’ queries concerning company information,” the expert stated.

He told the audience how M.Video-Eldorado integrated its chatbot: the team conducted the data analysis, proved the accuracy of AI operation in 60% of the request, launched the project on ML adoption in large data extraction, and added the bot to email and messenger.


The event featured an exhibition area where AI development companies introduced their projects to attendees.

Neurospectr showed an image mapping intelligent system for training computer vision systems.

BM GROUP Innovations Factory presented interactive panels to guests. The company produces interactive equipment: from educational tables for kids to complex fitting out of state properties.

PR STORY, a company developing intelligent video broadcasting solutions, illustrated apps for assessing the efficiency of targeted advertising.

A sustainable control system, GANDIVA, acquainted visitors with its projects for companies, including a new solution for company and back office management.

Smile-Expo expresses its gratitude to exhibitors and media partners
for participation in AI Conference and looks forward to seeing you at the next event!

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