Post-release autumn 2018

Third AI Conference in Moscow: highlights

On November 22, Moscow hosted the third conference dedicated to artificial intelligence, Big Data, machine learning, chatbots, and information security – AI Conference. The event is organized by Smile-Expo International Company.

Presentations were made by 24 experts, including representatives of NVIDIA, Microsoft, 1C-Bitrix, X5 Retail Group, CleverDATA, Yandex, and other companies.

They told the conference about the development of AI and IoT in Russia: challenges faced while promoting these technologies, their solutions, as well as interaction between AI and IoT. All of those issues were confirmed by business case studies.


Artificial intelligence in businesses

Sergey Vostrikov, Head of Marketplace and Integration at 1C-Bitrix, believes that AI has been already bringing positive results to businesses. At the conference, Mr. Vostrikov talked about his own 1C-Bitrix case studies of applying machine learning without Big Data.

“My primary goal is to convince attendees that ML technologies can be useful in any business right now. I will teach them to compare opportunities and limitations of machine learning with use cases,” Sergey Vostrikov shares his objectives.

Guests were also interested in the presentation by Mikhail Blagutin, Head of strategy and commercial planning at Yandex.Cloud.


He showed examples of ML application in Yandex: revealed scenarios of call center automation as well as described Translate API and text recognition service (OCR).

AI in marketing

Have you ever thought of how much money are wasted for needless newsletters? Valeriy Babushkin, Head of Data Development at X5 Retail Group, told the audience how to assess the impact on customers using Uplift modeling.


“For example, if a company has dozens of millions of users and only one million clients require a discount, SMS distributions should cover only these million people. Distributions through the whole database will be the waste of money. Given that discounts are offered more than once a year, the sum spent for senseless newsletters can reach billions of rubles per year,” Mr. Babushkin says.

Can computer vision systems simplify merchandiser’s work? Sergey Nikolenko, Chief Research Officer at Neuromation, believes that it’s possible.


“There are millions of merchandisers visiting shops and checking shelves. For instance, they check whether Coca-Cola occupies 30% of its paid space and whether all the bottles face customers. A person should not deal with such things. This process can be automated using modern computer vision”, Sergey Nikolenko states.

Besides, the application of AI in a marketing campaign was examined by Igor Volzhanin, CEO at DataSine. He has explained how psychology and artificial intelligence affect marketing, what kind of businesses can benefit from this approach, and whether it is complicated to grow in this sector.

AI: forecasting

At the conference, speakers discussed AI in jurisprudence. This topic was covered by Svetlana Revak, Head of legal department at Garant. The expert has explained what technologies are involved in judicial decisions forecasting, what the existing forecasting models are based on, and how efficient they are.


AI Conference also engaged Sergey Yudovskiy, Director General at the Center for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The specialist shared his vision of future changes and revealed how artificial intelligence could automate processes at various enterprises.


“The integration of AI and automation in the US oil extraction have already enhanced the profitability of produced oil. As the result, the amount of people for extracting the same number of fossil reduced. On the other hand, the industry has received an opportunity to evolve. Therefore, the total amount of engaged workers has been increased,” Sergey Yudovskiy says.

Exhibition area


Nine companies presented their solutions in the exhibition area:

  • Mind Simulation: a laboratory focusing on basic scientific research and developments related to the AI sector;
  • PR STORY: a company developing intelligent video broadcasting;
  • Chat2Desk: an aggregator of business messengers;
  • Data Monsters: a data collection and analysis organization;
  • Urbica: a Moscow team of specialists in cartography, user interfaces, analytics, and data visualization;
  • RuRobotics: a complex of solid domestic waste robotic sorting;
  • GoWeb: a manufacturer of computing equipment;
  • Inspector Cloud: a platform for online audit of sales outlets;
  • Samara University introducing a project of multistructural and multimodal data storages.

Representatives of companies showed the latest AI solutions, communicated with guests, and allowed to test their products.

AI Conference took place at Technopolis. The space was filled with a spirit of new technologies, allowing guests to spend their day as fruitful and comfortable as possible.

Smile-Expo expresses its gratitude to sponsors of the event, GoWeb International LTD, and general media partner – Hightech Portal.

We were pleased to see everyone at the third AI Conference. We are looking forward to meet you in 2019!