I want to attend AI Conference

You daily do routine tasks: answer phone calls, write the same contracts, filter emails, and make the same payments.

What if a specially trained chatbot or some machine will start doing those tasks instead of you? You will learn how to use programs that control business processes on their own and can automatically take decisions such as motivating employees, planning schedules, managing the warehouse, and offering goods to customers.

Tell us why specifically you need the knowledge of IT, AI, and machine learning and receive an invitation to the AI Conference!


  • 5 free tickets to the conference for 5 best works.
  • One of the winners will receive a training course from skillfactory.ru with a possibility to choose from two options: ‘Practical Machine Learning’ or ‘Deep Learning and Neural Networks’ intended for those users that already have experience in programming and machine learning.

How to take part

Look through the conference program and fill in the form. Write about your expectations:

  • what you would like to find out and learn;
  • why you need this information;
  • with whom you would like to get acquainted or listen to.

Make a post on your Facebook page with a link to the website https://aiconference.ru/en and a hashtag #ai_contest.


  • participation in the contest is free of charge;
  • works are accepted until March 28, 23:59 Moscow Time;
  • results will be published on March 29 in social media, winners will receive an email notification.

Assessment criteria

Works will be assessed by the team of organizers. Write what you think about digital technologies, why you want to learn more about them, and why specifically you need it. Express your personal point of view and the team of AI Conference will award you.