Earth-2030: changes to be caused by AI 06.08.2018
Earth-2030: changes to be caused by AI

In 2016, AI100 (a group of scientists from the University of Stanford) described the impact of artificial intelligence on human life. Let’s figure out what changes researchers predict us over the next 12 years.

Transport revolution

Unmanned cars are a dream already fulfilled by Elon Musk. According to AI100 forecasts, AI cars will become as common thing as current electric cars by 2030. As the result, AI will reduce the amount of accidents caused by the human factor, and far-out work trips won’t annoy anymore.

Truly speaking, it is still unknown who will incur legal responsibility in case of the accident. Manufacturers will hardly admit responsibility for this, while users are just passengers in such a case.

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AI application in healthcare

No one wants to visit an incompetent doctor. Yan Vlasov, co-chairman of the Russian Patients Association, noted that in 25% of necropsies one disclosed absolutely different diseases from those diagnosed while alive.

Artificial intelligence will allow to eliminate this issue. Scientists from the University of Michigan have designed a 0.3 mm microcomputer. There is the assumption that tumor tissues have a higher temperature than healthy ones. If the chip developed by Michigan’s scientists is put into the human brain, this theory will be confirmed or denied.

Up to now, technical capabilities have not allowed to investigate this feature, but Michigan Micro Mote can make it right by 2030.

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AI in education

A traditional intramural form of study has long been subjected to criticism: according to the Meduza portal, about 50% of the Russian population do not work in the specialty they have trained in. It is caused by the reduction of education value: is it worth to waste five years?

A lot of universities have long been offering the form of online learning. Higher educational establishments believe that the computer should enlist applicants based on the tests, divide them into groups, send down or transfer them from the university. It will make the educational system more transparent and efficient.

Besides, AI100 expects that such systems will become less dependent on professors and all students will receive the amount of theory they are able to learn.

Safety improving

By the way, Russia already applies AI to provide the population security. In February 2018, the face recognition system first detected the criminal in the Moscow Metro, thus he was taken in custody. As of April, AI helped to arrest nine criminals in that way.

Moreover, smart cameras are only the start. It is expected that smart home systems will be more available for the average audience, and developers will find a way to protect them from hacker attack as much as possible by 2030.

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Artificial intelligence: friend, brother, and assistant

Researchers focus on human addiction from online services, shopping, taxi calls, ticket purchases on the Internet. Voice assistants also become increasingly popular: thus, consumers won’t see the point of other methods of shopping. Therefore, artificial intelligence can be a true assistant and even a friend by 2030.

For example, Replika’s Alexa is already on the way to this. Currently, AI can relieve loneliness and cheer up when the user is sad. Developers suggest that Alexa will become with time a personal psychologist able to carry on meaningful dialogue.

Ecology improvement

Cisco analysts calculated that the amount of IoT gadgets would exceed 50 billion units by 2020. Consequently, one will need more electricity. However, power plant operations can lead to global warming; so, what will happen if their number increases?

AI100 explorers see the solution in the use of inexhaustible energy. A US scientist Prashant V. Kamat and his colleagues from the University of Notre Dame are close to the development of smart paint to replace solar batteries. It will provide homes with the energy and, perhaps, with money if users sell extra electricity to their neighbors. Now, the efficiency of paint is 15-20 times lower than common solar batteries, but scientists are working on its improvement.

AI100 is sure that the change of pace of life is inevitable with the advent of AI.

The integration of artificial intelligence will alter business processes as well. Discover at AI Conference Moscow on November 22 how to use AI algorithms for diagnosis of diseases, why AI will be beneficial in the car industry, and how chatbots will turn into business assistants.

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