How to use artificial intelligence for solving lawyers’ tasks? When AI technologies are applied? These issues will be revealed at AI Conference by Svetlana Revak, the Head of legal department at Garant.

Speaker’s presentation is titled: Technology solutions in the law: forecast of judicial decisions.

Key points:

  • which technologies are involved judicial decisions forecasting;
  • what are the existing forecasting models based on;
  • efficiency of offered solutions.

Svetlana Revak is the head of legal department and curator of research unit at Garant.

Garant is a leader in information and legal services. Since 1990, the company has been focusing on the development and application of databases and information resources. Its experts have designed such services as ‘Express Tender’, ‘Constructor of legal documents’, ‘Advisor on audits’, ‘Risk Index’ analytical tool, and GARANT computer-assisted legal research system (available online and as a mobile app).

Svetlana Revak, the head of legal department at Garant, will speak at the international event – AI Conference – on November 22.

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