Most companies do not understand how to integrate artificial intelligence in order to make a profit. Moreover the buzz around innovations deludes them, not allowing finding out about concrete possibilities of machine learning and AI systems.

Head of McKinsey Global Institute Michael Chui and representative of Eisenhower Fellowship David Bray explained how to correctly use artificial intelligence for business development.

Implementation of artificial intelligence requires fundamental changes in business processes

Using of data processing and analysis algorithms and taking rigorous actions intended to automate business processes – are two separate approaches, which bring totally different results. But to change the corporate policy, it is important to see the goal clearly and set tasks correctly for the intelligent machine to solve them.

According to David Bray, you cannot simply integrate an AI solution and wait for success. It is necessary to change the business processes, train employees to interact with artificial intelligence, which will allow increasing productivity. It is important to remember that an AI system is just a tool for data processing and analysis. It cannot solve company’s problems without human help.

The main advantage of artificial intelligence is the ability to forecast events. AI system will warn about the consequences of your choice, inform that a specific component part of the assembling line will soon get out of order, resulting in the operation shutdown of the whole plant, and many other things. Such capabilities of artificial intelligence help to take preventive measures to avoid unfavorable situations, allowing saving huge amounts of money.

Specialists of McKinsey stated that there were almost no problems, which could not be predicted with the help of AI algorithms.

Experts believe that at first artificial intelligence and machine learning will be implemented at city level, and later – at federal level. Thus, companies should not fear to invest money in innovations, as soon smart technologies will be used everywhere.