Russian government actively supports AI developments 06.04.2017
Russian government actively supports AI developments

According to SAP analysts, over the past decade, Russian authorities have invested about 23 billion rubles in the field of artificial intelligence. An interesting fact is that only 150 projects out of 1 400 implemented using public funds are commercial ones.

According to experts, today, not many Russian companies understand in which areas AI technologies can be applied. Therefore, artificial intelligence is mainly developed in scientific facilities and government institutions. Accordingly, the project implementation is paid by the state.

Russian government actively supports AI developments

The statistics of the most popular AI projects in Russia is as follows:

  • 33% – Bid Data analysis;
  • 16.5% – expert systems for decision making;
  • 13.9% – image and video recognition technologies.

Products based on these solutions are used in the public sector, medicine, transport and security systems, as well as in oil and gas industry. By the way, first of all, money is invested in those projects that provide quick results.

In the commercial segment, the distribution of financing is as follows:

  • 34% – tools for image and video recognition;
  • 19% – voice recognition algorithms;
  • 15% – expert systems;
  • 12% – Bid Data analysis.

These developments are subsequently used in the field of IT, medicine and transport.


Head of Sistema VC Venture Fund says that the key problem of Russian experts in the field of artificial intelligence is the inability to pack the technology into an end product. At the same, AI solutions today are quite in demand on the domestic market. They are actively applied in face recognition systems used for combating fraud in banks, as well as for analyzing big data when making expert decisions, etc.


Not only Russia invests huge amounts of money in artificial intelligence. Moreover, according to the level of financial injections, it is not even among the leaders. For example, the US authorities annually allocate $200 million from the budget for the development of AI projects. According to MarketsandMarkets research, the artificial intelligence market will grow by 60% every year, and in five years it will reach $16.06 billion.

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