Virtual stylist from Amazon will help to choose fashionable clothes 04.05.2017
Virtual stylist from Amazon will help to choose fashionable clothes

A well-known company Amazon continues to impress users with its AI developments. They include a virtual stylist Echo Look, that assesses your appearance and helps you to choose the right image.

Echo Look is a small hand-free camera with LED light and Alexa voice assistant. Using the Style Check option, user can find out how he or she looks in the selected clothes. The device is able to understand speech, detect color, body type, type of appearance, and also make decisions based on the opinions of leading fashion experts and current trends. To estimate the image, rather complicated algorithms of machine learning are used.

Many wonder why the world leader in the field of artificial intelligence decided to release a simple application for entertainment, rather than working on more serious projects like other companies do. Professor of the International Institute for Management Development and Forbes representative Howard Yu says that the release of a new product demonstrates the company's ability to manage resources properly and build effective development strategies. With a simple application, Amazon will be able to collect a lot of useful market data that later on will be used for the development of a more powerful commercial product.

It is not the first time that Amazon releases AI device that can make decisions instead of a person, and in the future the company will be able to make expert systems more accurate and functional. It only needs to collect data for it.

And, of course, a new smart device will advise user to buy new clothes. For example, something from a new line of Amazon or its partners. In addition, the company has recently patented the technology of quick tailoring of clothes according to individual parameters. So, in fact, Amazon has developed another successful business model.

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