Artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving. Chances are high that it may become a serious weapon for hackers in 2018. Artificial intelligence algorithms will learn to hack security systems, take control over virtual assistants, and pretend to be a real human.

Seven teams participated in the contest of the best hacking frameworks named Cyber Grand Challenge in 2016. Mayhem system became the winner. Today it can be found at the National Museum of American History as the first machine that won the famous hacking competition.

The system did not manage to repeat the achievement last year and a team of real programmers gained the victory. Artificial intelligence lacked intuitive and creative reasoning. It will be improving on those areas in 2018.

Many cyber security experts say that soon artificial intelligence will be deployed as a weapon for cyber attacks. Artificial intelligence will be able to act like a human or a digital assistant trusted by people. Such evolution of algorithms will pose a serious problem for cyber security.


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