Russia to use AI for cancer diagnostics 26.05.2017
Russia to use AI for cancer diagnostics

Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is considering the opportunity to implement AI technologies in the healthcare sector. According to Ministry representatives, the artificial intelligence application will help health professionals to diagnose oncology diseases more accurately.

On the first stage of the innovative development integration, one is going to implement telemedicine technologies, allowing every Russian citizen to consult a professional doctor regardless their location. It is the next year that all patients will get electronic health records. Thus, the information on all doctor's appointments will be recorded in the common database.

Russia to use AI for cancer diagnostics

The next stage is the application of AI solutions. Smart information systems will help doctors to diagnose complex disorders, including cancers, more accurately. One is going to train artificial intelligence using an enormous aggregation of photo data to make it determine whether there is a malignant tumor or not with small deviation.

Specialists stressed that the machine couldn’t replace an experienced doctor but would be a perfect support and allow to increase diagnostics accuracy manifold.

On May 11, the Russian government has adopted the law permitting to provide remote healthcare services using telemedicine technologies. Therefore, other stages of the program focusing on the innovation implementation in the healthcare industry will be completed soon.

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