Artificial intelligence is being bought for the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, and IBM is using AI technology to ensure cybersecurity. Read the most topical AI news in our news digest.

Face recognition system for drivers

The Russian company VisionLabs has developed a technology that recognizes the faces of drivers using the DRIVE IX artificial intelligence. It will help to open and start a car without a key after the system recognizes the owner’s appearance. DRIVE IX works both outside and inside the car. It will also monitor the condition of a person during the trip.

DRIVE IX plug-in can work on the NVIDIA platform, on the basis of which most of the unmanned cars operate. The developers believe that their technology will facilitate the creation of a new generation of cars with an innovative principle of control.

Russian Prosecutor General’s Office is being digitized

In 2025, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation will introduce the artificial intelligence and big data technologies. The Voskhod Research Institute is already working on the implementation of the plan. It has announced a tender for the development of a part of the project worth 4.5 million rubles, and so far the advantage is given to the national companies.

According to information from the state procurement resource, the General Prosecutor’s Office will acquire ‘soft artificial intelligence’, which is suitable for performing highly specialized tasks. In addition to AI and Big Data, the prosecutor's office will use a system that automatically detects offenses, as well as the technology that gives employees remote access to information databases.

Russia will create AI development roadmap

The document, in which the stages of AI development in the Russian Federation will be clearly recorded, will be approved in mid-2019. One of the companies involved in the development of the roadmap is ANO Digital economy of the Russian Federation. Its experts note that this concept of the AI development will help in the implementation of the Digital Technologies federal program.

To create a map, a list of projects that will contribute to the development of end-to-end technologies and predict the demand for AI solutions will be formed. Involved in the document development are also representatives of MTS, Rosatom, Russian Venture Company, MIPT, ITMO University.

Apple bought AI service to predict the popularity of musicians

Apple acquired the development of the Asaii startup, which predicts the popularity of music tracks with artificial intelligence. Using this service, the company hopes to improve the Apple Music service.

The Asaii algorithm is able to assess the overall potential of the artist, and the chances of success of individual tracks. Thus, Apple is going to compete with Spotify, which broadcasts the music of unpopular, but potentially successful labels. The price of the agreement between Apple and Asaii doesn’t exceed $100 million.

IBM will provide cybersecurity with AI

IBM has developed IBM Security Connect. This is the first cloud-based security platform based on open source technology and managed by AI. All users of the system are free to use artificial intelligence for their own needs. They also gain access to the powerful IBM Watson computer. The platform works on the basis of neural networks and deep machine learning.

16 companies have already joined the project to keep information flows open. The system is based on the STIX-Shifter technology, which helps to safely exchange data on potential threats for further deep analysis.

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