AI helps to solve crimes in New York, while Russia to develop smart assistant for doctors. AI news 15.03.2019
AI helps to solve crimes in New York, while Russia to develop smart assistant for doctors. AI news

Are Russians afraid of losing their jobs because of artificial intelligence integration? How does the AI system help to investigate crimes in New York? What is the potential of Russia’s program that can act as doctor’s assistant? These and other AI news are described in the digest of the previous week.

Russians against AI application in judiciary system

Following the results of the survey, BCG has found out the attitude of Russian citizens to the artificial intelligence application in public authorities. The study shows that 36-41% of the respondents in different age groups support the integration of this technology into the government sector, but 18-23% of them are against this idea.

55% of the Russians approve the use of AI products to calculate taxes and solve social security issues. However, inhabitants of the Russian Federation carefully treat the adoption of AI in the judiciary system. 48% of the respondents do not support the application of artificial intelligence for determining guilty persons in criminal matters and accepting early parole decisions.

Russians afraid of becoming unemployed due to AI integration

As part of the study, BCG’s analysts have figured out that one-third of the respondents from the Russian Federation are concerned about losing their jobs because of the development of artificial intelligence. 56% of the survey participants believe that their work can be protected if the application of AI systems is regulated. According to 32% of the Russian population, the existing education system does not prepare children for the labor market that the humankind will face in the future.

Besides, the poll reveals that 35% of the respondents are worry about potential challenges regarding the ethical aspect of AI software application. 35% of the Russians fret over the non-transparency of decisions made by AI systems. 32% of the participants doubt that artificial intelligence can generate accurate results and conduct a correct analysis.

Microsoft offers free online courses on AI application in businesses

Microsoft’s AI Business School online course is a series of lectures on applying artificial intelligence in entrepreneurship. It consists of four modules. The first one is dedicated to the development of AI system integration strategy and the second one to changes in corporate culture required for successful usage of AI technologies. The third part tells the audience about AI application, and the fourth one focuses on key areas of artificial intelligence operations.

Total duration of lectures: 10 hours. Each lesson lasts less than 10 minutes. Lecturers include members of Insead Business School as well as top managers from Microsoft and other companies. They share useful information, their own experience, and best practices.

The AI Business School online course is designed for top managers. The online school training is given in English.

Artificial intelligence helps to solve crimes in New York

New York police officers use Patternizr software to detect the so-called patterns of thieves: similarities in various crimes. This system analyzes stolen things, the scene of crime, and the lock snapping method. Algorithms compare obtained data with information about similar robberies. It allows neural networks to find alike characteristics in different malefactions.

Patternizr has already proven its efficiency. For example, the AI platform found the relation between two thefts performed in two regions 14 days apart.

Russian students develop smart assistant for psychotherapists

The software was designed by students of the Faculty of Radiophysics at Тomsk State University. Their system is aimed at helping doctors to recognize patients’ emotions.

It records a conversation between doctor and patient on video. Artificial intelligence monitors patient’s behavior and mentions changes in their facial gestures. Identifying emotional fluctuations, the system sends the video fragment to the doctor.

Hardware and software complex authors believe that their AI solution can be used in psychology, telemedicine, research, social work, and entertainment sector.

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