The founder of Just AI, a company focused on developments in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, will speak at the AI ​​Conference. Kirill Petrov, who is also Managing Director at Just AI, will talk about chatbots.

In the community of people interested in AI problems, Kirill Petrov is known as co-founder of the AINL (Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Conference) conference, one of the key events in the industry. He wrote more than 20 contributions on innovation, entrepreneurship and information technology. And his company Just AI developed several successful products related to artificial intelligence. Aggregate, a cross-platform framework for creating voice assistants, and, a Voice Assistant API in Russian, are among them.

The topic of expert’s presentation at the AI Conference is “Chatbots in natural language: a tool for developers and businesses”. The report is addressed to the heads of companies and units considering the implementation of AI in business processes, as well as to IT specialists working with artificial intelligence.

Key points of the presentation are:

  • An example of a platform for developing smart chatbots: how to quickly create a bot, debug its functions, train it to understand the natural language.
  • Creating behavior pattern of the bot.
  • Cases of introducing chatbots in various industries.

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