US order to develop AI and discussion of AI with Pope: week’s AI news 15.02.2019
US order to develop AI and discussion of AI with Pope: week’s AI news

Did artificial intelligence manage to defeat a human being in debates? What did Pope Francis talk about with Microsoft’s President? When will Aeroflot begin to use AI technologies for predicting tax risks? These and other AI news are described in the digest of the previous week.

Human wins debates with artificial intelligence

Competitions held at the IBM conference in San Francisco involved Harish Natarajan, World Debating Championship Finalist, and IBM’s computer equipped with the Debater program. They discussed the issue: “Should we subsidize preschools?”

Within the tournament, the computer drew data from its memory storing offers of 300 million articles. The machine paid more attention to the moral aspect of the matter. Its opponent stated that calls to refuse subsidies were often politically motivated. Each participant summed everything up at the end of the competition.

As the result, Harish Natarajan became the winner. The audience considered his arguments more convincing.

Donald Trump signs order to encourage artificial intelligence in the USA

The American AI Initiative is aimed at uniting all AI specialists and showing prospects of new technologies to US citizens.

President Donald Trumpcalls for the federal agencies and other structures to: make federal data available for AI researchers; establish standards for developing reliable AI systems; cooperate with other countries in the development of artificial intelligence; prepare their staff for potential changes after the integration of AI technologies. Besides, government bodies were recommended to prioritize financing of innovative projects.

The Order does not specify who will invest in these initiatives.

AI to help Gazprom Neft to create oil deposit digital models

Gazprom Neft PJSC and Skoltech are going to apply machine learning methods and artificial intelligence technologies to design digital models of formation flows, groundwater in extraction sites that affect oil movements.

Today, as part of the collaborative project, specialists have already developed metamodeling algorithms. They will allow to create necessary models hundreds times faster than using conventional hydrodynamic simulation of deposits.

It is expected that due to this exploratory work, decisions regarding the exploration of new oil deposits will be accepted more promptly than now.

Pope Francis discusses AI technologies with Microsoft President Brad Smith

The parties met on February 13 at the Vatican. During the conversation, Pope and Microsoft’s President were discussing the prospects of artificial intelligence solutions.

Brad Smith stressed that AI technologies had to be applied for the good of society. He also mentioned the range of initiatives allowing to bridge the gap in digital technology development at a global level.

The Holy Father was informed that Microsoft, together with the Pontifical Academy for Life, would promote an international prize on ethics in artificial intelligence.

Aeroflot to use AI technologies to predict tax risks

On February 13, Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Savelyev said the meeting at Federal Tax Service of Russia that the company would start utilizing artificial intelligence in order to predict tax risks and proceeds by 2021.

He believes that such technologies will allow to make more accurate forecasts, which is quite important for the airline. This is because sometimes the company spends more funds on taxes than entitled by the law due to incorrect reports.

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