The Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, founded through the sponsorship of the University of Toronto, has raised $150 million for the development of AI technologies.

Investors include Mark Zuckerberg, Google and Nvidia.

The Vector Institute is headed by Geoffrey Hinton – a well-known British scientist, vice-president and engineer of Google. He is engaged in the promotion of advanced AI solutions at Google Brain division.

Scientist’s new initiative, the Vector Institute, is intended to accelerate the development and implementation of artificial intelligence technologies in such segments as medicine, finances, materials technology and manufacturing. Google’s second Canada-based office, Google Brain Toronto, will be used as a platform for researches.

Google, Accenture and Nvidia invested $5 million each, and Zuckerberg fund promised to annually transfer $20 thousand for the organization. Researches in the sphere of artificial intelligence were also supported by the government of Canada and Ontario.