Top AI startups in Russia and abroad 23.01.2019
Top AI startups in Russia and abroad

AI market is growing at lightning speed. As calculated by the audit company PwC, the total volume of AI investments surged over $1.9 billion within the first three months alone in 2018.

There are currently startups with various solutions presented on the market. Top AI-based projects are listed below.


The China-located company SenseTime develops AI-powered systems with an option of face and image recognition. Artificial intelligence can quickly analyze camera images and ascertain identity of people got into the shot.

Such an AI system is utilized in trade and safety spheres. The company cooperates with the police and helps detect criminals.

In 2018, the startup attracted $620 million during the second financing round. Later, investors gave $600 million to the project.

UBTECH Robotics

Established in 2012, the Chinese company UBTECH Robotics creates AI-enabled humanoid robots.

Recently, the company has come out with the improved version of the robot butler Walker. Imbedded sensor systems make it move independently and smoothly. Besides, Walker is capable of bypassing obstacles.

The robot can grab items and recognize faces of family members due to the computer vision technology.

Artificial intelligence allows Walker to manage domestic appliances and smart home systems. It can also control electric devices thus taking care of its owners’ life.


The Russia-based startup VisionLabs offers an AI technology of face recognition that can be applied for retail, finance, and safety.

Among the products the company offers, there are VisionLabs Luna platform and Face_Is cloud service. The former was developed for banks though currently is used in IoT and medicine.

The latter helps offer customized products to buyers due to a face recognition system.

This AI project is now a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center in the IT cluster. In 2016, it raised 350 million rubles.

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Megvii Technology

Megvii Technology is a China-located developer of the AI-fueled technology Face++ for face recognition.

Face++ is utilized for websites, apps, and smart TVs. The technology scans faces using the database of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China.

The startup is credited to be much prospective, and Alibaba Group along with Boyu Capital parked $600 million in the project development. is a U.S.-established startup that produces AI-driven systems aimed at autonomous transport.

In July 2018, the company raised $214 million. In September, it announced a release of a new AI-based driverless system called PonyAlpha.

In January 2019, came up with a new product – an app allowing to call an autonomous taxi led by artificial intelligence.


The analytical and information portal Dataminr uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data collected from open sources and predict trends and news in various spheres.

Solutions provided by the company go for corporate safety, financial segment, government, news, and PR industry.

In 2015, the startup attracted $130 million. Three years after, it raised $391 million.

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