Top 5 platforms for building chatbots 13.02.2019
Top 5 platforms for building chatbots

To build a chatbot for your company and social page, you do not have to be a programmer. Here are five most convenient platforms that will help to build a fully functional bot quickly.

How chatbots help business

Chatbots are virtual assistants that communicate with customers, give consultations, answer questions, and even sell goods. Modern technologies have turned chatbots from primitive advisors into a fully-fledged tool for business.

Use of bots helps to reduce expenses and speed up processes, take away a part of routine responsibilities from managers, administrators, and employees of call centers. They can be useful in commerce, trading, finances, insurance, and medicine. For example, Germany-based T-mobile uses a chatbot to sell mobile phones. The chatbot helped to increase retargeting by three times and grow sales by seven times.

Benefits of a chatbot for business:

  • works 24/7;
  • personalizes information about customers;
  • timely responses to queries;
  • does not require additional expenditures.

Chatbots are divided into two main types: simple (function within the scope of preset algorithm) and complex (use the AI technology, can learn). Users can build a functional bot on their own and set it up using special tools and services, many of which are free of charge.

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Platforms for building chatbots

ChattyPeople. The service is designed to build chatbots for Facebook with an embedded capability to monetize the page. The platform is easy to use, suits owners of small companies, private entrepreneurs.

  • Features. The bot communicates with customers via Facebook Messenger, recognizes preset phrases and words, and accepts customer orders. ChattyPeople app can be integrated in Stripe and PayPal, as well as Shopify sales platform.
  • Cost. There is a free basic version (intended for 100 people) and an advanced version that costs $12 (from 100 people).

Chatfuel. The platform offers a wide range of functions available even to users of the free version. Chatfuel allows building complex bots, and developers state that you can build your bot in seven minutes. One user can build an unlimited number of chatbots.

  • Features. The service is intended to build bots for Facebook Messenger and Telegram, helps to send emails and arrange subscriptions. It can be integrated in many popular online platforms such as YouTube, WordPress, and Instagram. Chatfuel offers analytics, readymade templates, monetization, and AI technologies.
  • Cost. A fully functional version is offered for free, but with branding and definite restrictions. The lowest price is $30.

Botsify. Using this platform, you can build a chatbot for Facebook Messenger. The service helps to automate the communication with customers and can learn thanks to the AI technologies. Botsify offers a variety of functions and a user-friendly interface.

  • Features. The service can be integrated with RSS channels and WordPress, chatbots can make use of machine learning. It supports the use of templates, conducts analytics. Free use period allows testing one chatbot for 100 standalone questions and phrases.
  • Cost. A test version is available allowing users to learn about tools and features. The minimal price is $20 per month. The service is aimed at building chatbots for Facebook, stands out for very simple and user-friendly interface, and is a good match for beginners. Free version offers a basic set of functions that can satisfy needs of small companies.

  • Features. Chatbotsbuiltvia this platform can be integrated with YouTube, Facebook, RSS, and Twitter. They can automatically post materials and respond to commentaries, support monetization (accepts payments), analytics, AI technologies.
  • Cost. A trial version allows learning about the service and its tools, but a functional chatbot costs $10 or more per month.

FlowXO. The platform allows building chatbots for Facebook, Telegram, and Slack. FlowXO will be convenient for users with no basic knowledge of programming, as it allows building a bot using visual interface. A free version includes up to five chatbots for 500 contacts each.

  • Features. The service supports popular platforms, allows sending newsletters and accepting payments using Robokassa. Analytics is available.
  • Cost. A basic package functions with restrictions (for example, no newsletters), and the lowest price is $20 per month.
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