Top 5 best AI startups from Russia 28.06.2017
Top 5 best AI startups from Russia

Recently, many scientific breakthroughs have been made in the field of artificial intelligence. AI technologies are increasingly being used in practice, in particular for the effective solution of business problems. According to CB Insights, the investment in this industry amounts to $2.4 billion. For example, five years ago, only $282 million was invested in the AI startups.

The largest players of the AI industry are IBM, Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. However, small startups are not lagging behind from well-known IT behemoths. Moreover, high-quality AI products are made not only in the West, but also in Russia.

Top 5 most promising domestic AI startups


1. N-Tech.Lab

The startup product is a clever FaceN algorithm that recognizes faces through neural networks. The technology of Russian developers won the championship by defining face features, bypassing Google and other companies. On the basis of the algorithm, the startup service launched the Findface service, which allows users to find person’s profile on social networks through a photo.

Top 5 best AI startups from Russia - 1

Currently, N-Tech.Lab develops B2B products based on its own algorithm for retail, finance and security.

2. VisionLabs

The startup also develops the technology of instant face recognition for security, retail and financial services. Already developed solutions include VisionLabs Luna platform and Face_Is cloud service. MIT researchers named VisionLabs one of the world's best commercial products in the face recognition segment.

Top 5 best AI startups from Russia - 2

The startup solutions are used by many banks in Russia and CIS countries. VisionLabs launched its service in financial institutions and airports in the US and advanced countries in Asia. Today, together with Facebook and Google, the company is developing an open platform for creators of computer vision systems.


The voice assistant for managing IoT gadgets Cubic was created on the basis of a home robot assistant with a voice interface. Previously, a small device was able to set an alarm clock, turn on music, plan the day, tell jokes and funny stories, provide news, weather forecast, traffic data, etc. Then, the startup founders opened an office in Silicon Valley and decided to start developing the technology for natural language processing.

Top 5 best AI startups from Russia - 3

Today, the advanced Cubic can manage a smart home and a variety of online services. The product is implemented in two formats: in the form of a small robotic device and an AI application. The latter will be soon available on Google Play.

4. Prisma

This application uses a self-learning neural network to stylize ordinary photographs under the work of famous artists. Since the advent of the App Store, the application was downloaded more than a million times. Currently, the startup does not have enough processing power for photo processing.

Top 5 best AI startups from Russia - 4

It attracted a huge amount of investment, and according to repute, soon the Prisma application will appear in VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and ICQ.

5. Replika

AI service Replika is an advisory application with a voice interface for choosing the restaurant. It remembers the user's tastes, takes into account the reviews of critics and visitors. Based on these data, the service helps to find the best facility and book a table there.

Top 5 best AI startups from Russia - 5

Users of advanced version of Replika are advised by smart bots. They look for pictures, send news and weather forecasts.

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