Fingertips Lab has presented its unique solution: O6 gadget, allowing people to get rid of using many devices, including voice assistants.

O6 has impressive opportunities: using a small aluminum object, one is able to answer incoming calls, control smart house systems, take photos, check email, use options of various applications and so on.

Like all modern products, the device is based on AI algorithms. Thus, it can select music and audiobooks, switch on interesting programs etc., depending on user’s preferences.

The device interface differs from a standard display. The round gadget is equipped with the spinning cap and button, so one can control it using haptic contact. It does not have a display in order not to distract a person from driving.

O6 characteristics:

  • diameter: 40 mm;
  • operates within 10 days without recharging;
  • is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth;
  • is compatible with all iOS-based gadgets;
  • supports more than 30 languages;
  • has an additional fixing clip (costs $19).

The price of Fingertips Lab unique gadget is $99.