Which tasks can the AI core solve? In which areas of human activities can it be used? These questions will be answered by Vasily Mazin – speaker of AI Conference and expert in intelligent systems.

Vasily Mazin is a Director of Scientific Research at Mind Simulation Lab that deals with the development of artificial intelligence solutions.

Vasily has 15 years of experience teaching at the applied mathematics faculty of Kuban State University, where he held the position of assistant professor, among other things. He taught the following subjects: discrete mathematics, intelligent information systems, and databases.

The expert has been studying the issues of the artificial intelligence development for 10 years. For this purpose, he researched possible ways that help to bypass the restrictions of the existing technologies. Vasily also develops hybrid knowledge representation models and methods of work with them. He is a lecturer at the popular-science Geek Picnic festival.

The presentation topic of Vasily Mazin at AI Conference is the “Use of hybrid models for the development of artificial intelligence systems”.

The speaker will review the hybrid modular approach to the development of the AI core; describe the main structures and their interaction.

The expert will provide examples of using the AI core to solve tasks from various areas of human activities. What is more important, you will learn about the progress and current state of the development of AI cores.

Vasily Mazin will speak at the international AI Conference held in Moscow on November 22.

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