How to apply Data Science in banking transactions and effectively solve bank cases? The leading analyst at QIWI, Dmitry Zamaleev, and the CEO at EORA, Roman Doronin, will cover these issues at AI Conference.

Being the developer of artificial intelligence, EORA won the contest of the leading provider of payment and financial services QIWI, which resulted in their cooperation. At AI Conference, the experts will make a joint report on the topic as follows: ‘The issue of conversion. Using Data Science in Financial Transactions’.


  • preparation and analysis of banking transactions;
  • building predictive models;
  • experience of interaction with QIWI and solving banking cases.

About speakers

Dmitry Zamaleev deals with analytics of such products as QIWI Checkout and QIWI.Kassa. His task is to increase the company's performance by analyzing data on these products. Prior to QIWI, the expert automated HR processes (HR recordkeeping, recruitment, training and development) at MTS and MTS group subsidiaries as an analyst and project manager.

Roman Doronin founded EORA, which studies the aspects of AI, Data Science, Data Mining and identifies data patterns. He became a PhD in Economics of Innovation at M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Four-time winner of the award “Our Moscow Region”. Currently, EORA is implementing a project to create a scoring system for banks.

The speakers will make a report at the international event AI Conference, which will be held in Moscow on November 22.

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