Google decided to promote artificial intelligence technologies in an original way. It released a do-it-yourself artificial intelligence kit. The first product of the series is an analogue of Google Home assistant.

Voice Kit consists of a chip, a microphone, a speaker and other component parts. The kit is powered by Raspberry Pi 3, but you will need to buy the chip separately.

Creating artificial intelligence by yourself: Google presents an AIY Voice Kit (1)

The assembled device allows using Google Assistant SDK for voice recognition free of charge. And for the system to process voice signals, the device should be connected to such cloud solutions as Google SDK or IoT platform Android Things.

Company representatives note that the assembled gadget could be connected to smart household appliances to control them with your voice.

Собираем искусственный интеллект своими руками: Google представляет AIY-набор Voice Kit (2)

The Voice Kit will be sold in the USA and UK, and subscribers of MagPi Magazine will receive it as a present. The price of the product has not been disclosed yet. Instead, the company has uploaded a detailed assembly instruction at GitHub.

In the next years, Google is planning to present a whole range of AIY solutions.