SingularityNET and Nexus Earth are creating blockchain based AI 13.02.2018
SingularityNET and Nexus Earth are creating blockchain based AI

Yesterday, a popular blockchain platform SingularityNET announced becoming an official partner of Nexus Earth. The two corporations plan to create their own AI on the blockchain.

According to the latest information, at the moment both companies are researching whether there’s really a possibility of developing and subsequently using artificial intelligence, the technological basis of which would be blockchain. The other day, SingularityNET and Nexus Earth made a statement about the main goal of their joint work being the creation and implementation of an integrated AI system based on a blockchain system, which could potentially become the most secure structure of this kind.

Chief executive of SingularityNET David Hanson has already said that the plans of the companies are very large-scale. Joint work will allow ensuring uninterrupted and effective functioning of artificial intelligence, which ultimately will benefit humanity as a whole, he assures.

Despite the fact that SingularityNET and Nexus Earth have just signed the partnership and cooperation agreement, their joint work has already begun. In particular, at the moment, they’re working on a special resource, which should help in attracting investments to the new project.


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