The most common myths about AI 19.10.2017
The most common myths about AI

There are many incredible myths about the technology of artificial intelligence today. Some of them are reasoned, others are absolutely groundless.

Bernard Marr, expert on metrics, analytics and big data, wrote an article for Forbes, listing the main misconceptions about AI and destroyed them. Here is a summary of his work.

Myth number 1. Artificial intelligence will reduce the number of jobs

The Industrial Revolution took place in 19 century, when the agricultural working sector was reduced, and labor shifted to factories. There are many such examples in history. The number of jobs at different times is about the same, the spheres of possible employment only change.

AI and other technologies will help to automate many of life and production spheres. However, robots are mainly designed to perform routine, monotonous, heavy and dangerous work. There are more jobs in the spheres related to creativity instead. It’s not the worst alternative.

Myth number 2. AI will replace only low-skilled workers

This point contradicts a previous one a bit, but only at first glance. The AI technology is often used in the work of highly qualified specialists, for example, doctors and lawyers. However, this does not mean it's going to replace people. It is used to solve routine tasks.

Artificial Intelligence Conference: The most common myths about AI - 1

There are already many programs analyzing documents and results of medical examinations, finding there everything specialists need. At the same time, doctors and lawyers save time and get a better result.

Myth number 3. Artificial intelligence will become better in everything we can do

Computers are already better than people in complex calculations and rapid processing of large amounts of data. Yet, the laptop does not think about philosophical issues and does not discuss string theory. Artificial intelligence and human intelligence are different.

The main difference is that people can create and have emotions.

In conclusion. The probability that AI will "take over the world" is not higher than that aliens will enslave human. Both are theoretically possible, but require a turn of events, which is not likely to happen now.


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