The most interesting artificial intelligence projects 2018 10.04.2018
The most interesting artificial intelligence projects 2018

Artificial intelligence has become one of the most important parts of modern life. Its invention has a bigger potential than fire and electricity, as the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai said in the interview for MSNBC TV channel. According to assessments of McKinsey Global Institute reported by The Economist, the use of artificial intelligence just in the field of marketing, sales, and logistics alone could create economic value of $2.7 trillion.

A growing number of projects related to artificial intelligence is launched globally. Let’s get acquainted with the most advanced and non-standard.

Artificial intelligence in blockchain

Effect.AI is a decentralized platform intended to develop artificial intelligence technologies and service sector that uses artificial intelligence.

Developers of the platform see that in the future AI will be common for all directions of the service sector: logistics, transactions, and others. In other words, it will influence not only economic processes but also our everyday life.

These considerations motivated them to set up the Effect.AI project, trying to build a viable ecosystem based on blockchain. Any business entity will be able to use it in order to implement AI technologies.

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Capsule networks – a visual project of artificial intelligence

Capsule neural network qualitatively differs from the habitual convolution network. It processes visual information in the same way as the human brain does. The difference between two types of neural networks in the spatial hierarchy is that capsule networks differentiate simple and complex objects.

The second important distinction is that capsule networks do not need large data volumes for teaching models. As a result, the number of their mistakes reduces by 50% as compared to convolution networks.

There are plans to use capsule networks beyond the tasks of advanced computer vision. The author of this technology is the professor of the University of Toronto Geoffrey Hinton.

Artificial intelligence in finance

The approach taken to investments will never remain the same thanks to AI. It is said in the Forbes article that tells about a startup Kensho intended to search for profitable investments. The magazine called this artificial intelligence project “finances of the future”.

Soon a landmark deal will take place. Standard & Poor’s agency will purchase Kensho for $550 million. It will be the largest contract related to artificial intelligence.

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Daniel Nadler, founder and CEO of Kensho, created it as a financial analytics tool based on machine learning. Currently, Kensho can in a matter of seconds figure out how global political processes such as Brexit or the US elections will influence companies and markets.

Artificial intelligence project that saves lives

In China, a special program for social media monitoring detects potential suicides, generates supportive letters, and transfers them to psychological health centers, reports TASS.

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Project managers, members of China Academy of Sciences, say they managed to reveal 20,000 potential suicides. The program analyzes the linguistic structures deployed by users. The service is not widespread in many countries, for example in the EU, where privacy protection laws and freedom of expression rights function.

Cartoon artificial intelligence

There is nothing new in making artificial intelligence to generate answers to questions or make up dialogues. In 2017, engineers of Facebook AI Research presented artificial intelligence software that can write poems of any genre and theme.

Developers of Samsung Electronics have gone further. They presented Toonsquare, artificial intelligence project of C-Lab (Creative Lab). A neural network generates a cartoon based on a text.

User should choose a character (it can be a photo) and a text. The program analyzes the text, defines the scenario, emotional connotation, and creates cartoon animation.


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