Every year Yandex improves the technologies and tools for working with big data. Why do we need a project to create an intelligent cloud IT platform Yandex.Oblako? How do Yandex AI services work?

Mikhail Blagutin, head of strategy and development of analytical and ML services at Yandex.Oblako, will tell more about Yandex updates on November 22 at AI Conference.

The topic of his report is ‘Yandex AI services: machine translation, speech synthesis and recognition, computer vision’.

Mikhail will explain in detail what challenges will be addressed by the Yandex AI services technologies. The speaker will also share information about how the new intelligent cloud IT platform Yandex.Oblaco works and how it will develop in the future.

Key theses:

  • how Yandex customers use speech recognition and synthesis;
  • how machine translation works;
  • what Yandex can do using computer vision.

Mikhail has been working in strategic consulting with financial institutions for 10 years. Now he is heading the direction of strategy, analytics, commercial planning and development of Yandex.Oblako analytical products.

Prior to Yandex, the expert was engaged in entrepreneurship and worked at McKinsey & Company as a consultant on strategic development, financial management and business economics.