Robot AI-MATHS passes math exam with satisfactory mark 09.06.2017
Robot AI-MATHS passes math exam with satisfactory mark

Chinese developers decided to check who was smarter: artificial intelligence or usual pupils.

On June 7, robot AI-MATHS, developed by AI Chengdu Zhunxingyunxue Technology, took the test of the college entrance examination. It received 105 points out of 150. According to the CEO of the company Lin Hui, the result is satisfactory.

Machine passed the exam together with former pupils of humanitarian schools in Pekin. Previously, the robot had learned 12 thousand of various mathematical problems and tasks. However, it turned out to be insufficient. AI algorithm excellently solved mathematical equations, but did not understand the meaning of some words and phrases, for example, “investments” and “financial management”. That is where it made mistakes.

In fact, the robot passed the exam. Moreover, he showed better results than before. Earlier this year, AI-MATHS took the math test in a school of Chengtu town. It got 93 points then, while the average score was 106.

Lin Hui stated that the company would upgrade the robot to make it even smarter and score the maximum in the next test.

We would like to remind that the Ministry of Science and Technology of China believes that artificial intelligence will successfully pass the most complicated exams at the leading global universities in three years. Possibly AI-MATHS will be among pioneers.

It should be noted that in Asia huge attention is paid to exact sciences and especially math. Countries of the region offer special incentive programs and parents spend lots of money on tutors for their children to receive brilliant education.

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