Are you looking for a new SaaS solution for retail? On April 19, in the exhibition area of AI Conference, Inspector Cloud will present its product based on artificial intelligence, intended to optimize the retail business.

Inspector Cloud offers a service for automated recognition of product images taken at retail outlets. The operational principle is simple:

  • building up a base: uploading photos of shop shelves with products in the system;
  • recognition: the system recognizes goods and price labels;
  • analytics: provides the result of the sales audit.

As a result, the service helps businesses to meet the merchandising standards and save tens of millions of dollars.

Inspector Cloud is a part of the corporate accelerator PepsiCo Techlab. In 2017, the company received investment from the American company Starta Capital. It is also the winner of retail startup contest called Retail Goto Retailtech.

Attendees of AI Conference will be able to learn more about the product of Inspector Cloud. 

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