The AI technologies are rapidly developing and used in many industries. The research of MarketsandMarkets shows that the AI market volume will reach $190.61 billion by 2025. Let’s see in greater detail how AI technologies are applied in different areas.

Artificial intelligence in marketing

Artificial intelligence defines which platforms are the most efficient for placing ad banners and optimize marketing processes.

Why marketing needs AI algorithms?

Artificial intelligence processes user data much faster than a man does. Besides, AI brings together advertisers and platforms: there is no need in an intermediary and marketers personally control advertising campaigns.

Sale of ads using AI in Russia

Independent Media (IM) publishing house has already applied AI algorithms to optimize sales of ads.

The technology analyzes advertising auctions and defines the price that the advertiser is ready to pay for every ad impression.

The head of the programmatic sales department of IM Anastasiya Kapitanova states that the AI implementation has encouraged the growth of income by 15%.

AI in the financial sector

Artificial intelligence is implemented in the work of banks. Financial institutions use chatbots to improve service rate and quality.

Chatbots analyze user queries, and work with calls and SMS notifications. They allow banks to reduce financial expenses significantly by cutting costs on call centers.

Where chatbots have been already implemented?

Alfa-Bank uses AI to improve its service. A chatbot consults managers and answers internal queries of employees.

As a result, the personnel receives answers 50 times quicker. Moreover, employees spend less time on routine processes: chatbots are also involved in the processing of money transfers and sorting out of emails.

AI for smart cities

Artificial intelligence technologies help to make cities more comfortable for living. They are implemented in the work of housing and community amenities, help road services and social workers, and improve the environmental situation.

City services

Artificial intelligence streamlines the work of city services: it can help to draft a productive time schedule for them. It will allow responding to road accidents and emergencies faster.

AI technologies also help to define dilapidation of buildings. In such a way, the critical condition of buildings is defined quicker and more efficiently.

AI on the Russian roads

I-Teco high-tech company and Moscow Agency of Innovations want to makeroads intelligent in Moscow.

I-Teco has already launched a pilot project – video surveillance over the traffic of pedestrians and bicyclers using computer vision and big data analytics.

The project aims to efficiently analyze the speed of traffic streams and load of transport services.

AI implementation in business: where to learn more

Artificial intelligence technology is still being developed and advanced. Individual case studies and experience of specialists allow judging about the AI implementation: one can listen to examples at profile events. One of them is AI Conference that will take place in Moscow on November 22.

The event will gather Russian and foreign experts that will tell in detail which areas have already implemented AI and will share real experience of companies.

The topic of the AI and blockchain combined use will be covered by the leading technology evangelist of Microsoft Konstantin Goldstein.

Deep learning engineer of Nvidia Vladimir Ivanov will tell about autonomous driving and present video examples of the technology used at Tesla and Nvidia.

In the presentation titled Uplift Modeling: Nature and Mechanisms, the head of Data Development at X5 Retail Group Valeriy Babushkin will explain how artificial intelligence helps in customer service.

The AI use in the financial sector will be discussed by the leading analyst of QIWI Dmitry Zamaleev and CEO of EORA Roman Doronin. They will speak about DataScience in financial transactions, explain how to build predictive models and share the experience of QIWI.

Full program of the event