Privacy Assistant application will help the user to monitor personal data 17.05.2017
Privacy Assistant application will help the user to monitor personal data

Modern mobile applications often collect, use and distribute personal data of users without their knowledge. Why is this happening?

When installing software, people inattentively read user agreements and do not check privacy settings. To restore user’s control over personal information, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a machine learning-based application Privacy Assistant.

Privacy Assistant analyzes already installed applications, and also checks data transfer settings each time user downloads and installs new programs. After that, the smart assistant gives recommendations which settings to change so that not to provide personal data to third parties. From time to time, Privacy Assistant sends a notification about what data the user is transmitting at the moment and whether settings are to be checked.

It is important to note that the application of American scientists can be launched only on gadgets with open operating systems.

According to PwC statistics, 91% of US adults do not know which data is provided to third parties, since they do not control this process. The head of the Privacy Assistant project, professor Norman Sadeh, hopes that soon the developed application will become a ubiquitous tool for protecting privacy.

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