Microsoft app will help the visually impaired orient in space 14.07.2017
Microsoft app will help the visually impaired orient in space

Microsoft has developed the Seeing AI app that helps people with visual impairments orient in space.

The inbuilt artificial intelligence explains what is going on around the user at the moment. All you need to do is to point a smartphone camera to an object or another person.

According to developers, the app can detect people’s sex and age, tell if they wear glasses, have nevi and other distinguishing features. Take a photo of friends and tell the system their names, then next time Seeing AI will recognize them and their mood. The app is very good at emotion detecting.

Moreover, the app can scan barcodes and see a product description. If you point a smartphone camera to the dollar bill, the system will show its value. Seeing AI will help scan a document and say what is written in it. The app can also describe a downloaded picture.

Developers worked out the kinks of the app. The system will help users point the camera so as to detect an image. If the app notices someone in picture, it will tell their whereabouts.

Seeing AI can be used without the Internet access. It is needed for some experimental functions only: to detect a handwritten text, describe a space in general, etc.

The Seeing AI service is available for iOS mobile gadgets only. It can be freely downloaded in the American App Store.

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