Presentation of AI advances from IBM, Google, Mail.Ru, Amazon and Microsoft at AI Conference 10.04.2017
Presentation of AI advances from IBM, Google, Mail.Ru, Amazon and Microsoft at AI Conference

On April 25, Moscow will host an international business event dedicated to artificial intelligence – AI Conference. Among speakers one will find keynote experts of global industry leaders such as IBM, Google, Mail.Ru, Amazon and Microsoft. Read further in the review what they will be speaking about.


► IBM – Alexey Anikin

Topic: “IBM IoT and AI – general vision and specific solutions”

One of the latest IBM projects focuses on the integration of cognitive computer system Watson in the Internet of Things. Together with BMW Group, the company develops AI solutions for autonomous cars.

Self-learning system Watson IoT will allow enhancing comfort and driving safety. Drivers will be able to interact with cars in their native language and quickly obtain the required information about road traffic situation, weather, car condition, etc. Moreover, based on the obtained data, the system will give recommendations and promptly respond to emergencies.

Watson IoT business development executive Alexey Anikin will provide detailed information about the project. His presentation will be based on exclusive data about new IBM products, which have not been mentioned in mass media yet. In any case, the presentation will be useful for developers and entrepreneurs willing to implement new AI tools in business.


Google – Alexey Gavrish

Topic: "Using of AI technologies in Google services"

It has been a long time since Google chose the strategy of active integration of artificial intelligence in all its services and applications. Smart corporate algorithms are used for making correct translations, image recognition, voice search, music creation, etc. To improve computer intelligence technologies and create products based on them, Google has opened a large research center in Zurich.

Presentation of Google’s strategy and operations manager Alexey Gavrish will be interesting for businessmen, including those without technical background, as well as specialists working in B2C segment.

Speaker will talk about Google solutions:

  • for users – the use of natural language processing in voice search and translators;
  • for partners and customers – a portfolio of solutions such as Tensor flow and Cloud ML APIs (vision, speech, translate, video), which allow implementing ML technologies quickly and efficiently.


Mail.Ru Group – Dmitry Burov

Topic: "Forecasting demand and clients’ behavior on social networking websites"

The latest advances of Mail.Ru in the sphere of artificial intelligence include the development of AI tool for retail analytics. MyTarget service can increase the sales conversion rate by 20% and substantially improve customer loyalty through targeting and personalized advertisements. Using the service, companies will be able to conduct deep market segmentation, forecast the demand for specific products, choose the most efficient communication channels, factor in the chances of customer outflow, etc.

The new tool for retailers will be highlighted by Dmitry Burov, evangelist of myTarget. Speaker will give practical advice on using Mail.Ru Group, therefore his presentation will be especially interesting for founders of online stores and retailers.


Amazon – Anwar Shemyla

Topic: “Real benefits of virtual assistant. Alexa – a smart helper for your business”

The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, integrates cutting-edge AI developments almost in all its services. Naturally, the well-known company’s product – Alexa voice mail – is also getting smarter and more functional. Now, it can be used not only as a personal assistant but also to optimize business processes. It can plan the work timetable, prioritize tasks, do mailshots, manage the corporate resource, invite workers to meetings, and many other things.

Senior technical program manager of Anwar Shemyla will tell how small and medium-size businesses can use Amazon Alexa. Her presentation will be useful for startup founders, company executives, entrepreneurs and employees that would like to increase their efficiency.


Microsoft – Dmitry Soshnikov

Topic: "Digital transformation of business and democratization of artificial intelligence"

Microsoft management has recently revealed intentions to democratize artificial intelligence by making smart technologies available for everyone. Corporation plans to:

  • enhance AI solutions in order to fundamentally change the interaction between users and computers, gadgets;
  • integrate artificial intelligence in every application irrespective of the type of device, on which it is installed;
  • provide access to Microsoft's cognitive algorithms to developers throughout the world;
  • create the world’s most powerful super computer capable of solving AI tasks.

Dmitry Soshnikov, technology evangelist of Microsoft, will tell how the company achieves its ambitious goals. Speaker’s presentation will be focused on the peculiarities of business processes transformation connected with the integration of AI technologies. Expert will also present study cases showing how specific technologies allow increasing business productivity. Therefore, the presentation is primarily intended for entrepreneurs.


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AI Conference will take place at Novotel Moscow City on April 25.

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