AI Conference, the international event dedicated to artificial intelligence technologies, will take place in Moscow on November 22. GoWeb International LTD will act as a Bag Sponsor of the event.

GoWeb International LTD specializes in blockchain and mining. The company has been producing multi-purpose computational hardware since 2015, including equipment intended for artificial intelligence-based projects.

GoWeb International LTD has two computation centers that stand out for low electricity prices and use STARMINER hardware of the company’s own production. The total wattage of centers is 9 MW with the potential of growing to 72 MW.

These computation centers are located in Romania and the free economic zone of Moldova. Currently, the company is planning the launch of the third center in the special economic zone of Kaliningrad region. Its potential wattage is 60MW.

GoWeb International LTD was awarded in the nomination The Most Attractive Investment Project in China 2016-2017 for the development of its own computational hardware STARMINER.

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