New planets discovery, music generation, and menu composing. News from the AI universe 29.03.2019
New planets discovery, music generation, and menu composing. News from the AI universe

Discovered new planets, created a track, and composed a customized menu in a mere week! What are other achievements of artificial intelligence? Learn more about the progress in the AI universe within recent seven days.

AI helps astronomers discover two new planets

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, in partnership with Google, have used artificial intelligence to uncover new celestial bodies in K2 archive previously obtained by the Kepler space telescope.

To find them, the team of astronomers created an algorithm. It sifts through the data taken by the telescope to ferret out signals missed by the traditional methods.

As a result, AI detected two new planets called K2-293b and K2-294b. They are located in the constellation Aquarius being 1300 and 1230 light-years away correspondingly. The size is slightly larger than Earth.

Warner Music inks a contract to generate AI-powered tracks

Warner Music has inked a contract with the developers of German app Endel that generates music using AI tech. The agreement terms stipulate the production of 20 albums. Five out of them have already been created. The soundscapes help listeners fall asleep more quickly.

To create tracks, Endel takes into account the time of day, weather conditions, and geolocation. Music is based on listeners’ preferences.

Endel was developed by an eponymous German startup whose founder is Russian Oleg Stavitsky. The software is currently available on smartphones and smart speakers Amazon Echo.

AI to help McDonald’s compose a customized menu for clients

McDonald’s acquired an AI company called Dynamic Yield (Israel). As reported by the media, the deal value surged over $300 million.

The fast-food chain will use AI-powered solutions to customize a menu for clients. Its items will be selected taking into account the weather, the time of day, the quantity of visitors, etc. AI will remember the choice of the client and offer entremets.

The AI-fueled technology will be implemented into McDonald’s restaurants across the USA in 2019.

Belgium students are trained by AI

The Flanders region of Belgium has signed a deal with the Century Tech startup (the UK) that has developed a smart platform used for teaching and learning at schools, colleges, and universities. The technology will be rolled out at 700 educational establishments across the country.

The intelligent platform monitors students’ educational progress and devises an individual learning course broken down into micro-lessons. The AI reports to the teachers on children’s success level and their skills. Parents can use Century to monitor students’ grades in a real-time mode.

This product is expected to help Belgian students quicker absorb information and ease the burden of paperwork on teachers.

AI system Autodesk to help combat construction risks

Autodesk has presented a beta version of Construction IQ, a system based on AI and ML. The program analyzes the information about the quality and safety of projects where the Autodesk BIM 360 platform is applied. It helps engineers identify possible construction risks.

Construction IQ scans the information about the object: punch list items, technical examination record books, images, subcontractors’ tasks, and information from all documents’ versions. For example, due to this software, specialists can calculate possible damages, analyze companies performance, etc.

Construction IQ’s beta version is available to BIM 360 Build subscribers.

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