Basics of machine learning in retail. Dodo Pizza’s case study of project launch: initial challenges 14.02.2019
Basics of machine learning in retail. Dodo Pizza’s case study of project launch: initial challenges

How will the launch of a simple machine learning model help to increase company’s profit? This issue will be discussed at AI Conference on April 9 by Andrey Filipyev, Senior Developer at Dodo Pizza.

His presentation: Machine learning: the path from the lack of understanding to investments.

The expert will explain:

  • why a pizza chain needs ML technology;
  • what happens after one realizes the necessity to implement ML: top 5 problems;
  • the necessary minimum of resources required to launch a pilot project.

Andrey Filipyev deals with the integration of machine learning and promotion of data-driven approach in the culture of Dodo Pizza. Initially, the expert joined the company as Team Lead. Now, he integrates artificial intelligence into company’s software products. Besides, Andrey graduated from the Higher School of Economics majoring in Big Data Systems.

Dodo Pizza was one of the first to offer franchise automation based on its own cloud information system. Dodo IS accepts online orders as well as accounts for payments, cash desk, order line, courier coordination, sales analysis, and dozens of other business processes.

Cloud business control made Dodo Pizza the most rapidly growing company on the Russian market. Today, it consists of 230+ pizzerias across the globe: in Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Rumania, China, and the USA.

Its business is based on transparency, openness, and technologies. The company constantly experiments: it has launched twenty-four-hour live broadcasting of pizza cooking, applies virtual PBX, develops chatbots, and integrates machine learning.

Join us in order to find out how the Dodo team builds the future of Russian public catering and retail.

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