UN representatives think that AI technologies will become an effective instrument for dealing with poverty in the least developed countries. They spoke about that at the international summit “AI for Good” held in Geneva.

Inequality between different layers of society is rising rapidly. In some countries, problems of hunger, lack of drinking water, absence of basic healthcare are still not overcome. The use of AI methods will allow determining people who need help as soon as possible.

AI algorithms are being actively used for different charities:

  • the program analyzes satellites’ photos to determine regions with the poorest population;
  • Stanford scientists make forecasts regarding crops;
  • UNICEF representatives find hungry children via deep learning (analysis of photos and videos);
  • AI algorithms help to find people under the rubble;
  • and more.

UN representatives are planning to provide all people with decent salary and living conditions by 2030.

UN hopes that AI technologies will help to solve world problems

Summit participants also mentioned risks caused by new technologies. Elon Musk and other entrepreneurs have recently created OpenAI – the company which develops safe AI products. The project attracted $1 billion of investments. IT giants and world charity organizations also established partnership for supporting AI with benefits for society.

To make AI solutions safe, participants of the Asilomar conference held this year approved a number of rules for AI developers of new technologies had to follow. Lots of industry leaders, prominent scientists and modern entrepreneurs including Stephen Hawking, Elon Mask, and Sam Altman supported the code.