Nvidia trained its AI hyperrealism

Aug 3, 2017

Nvidia trained its AI hyperrealism

Artificial Intelligence Holodeck from Nvidia has learned to create hyperreal animation, saving 80% of time for faces detalization of video games characters. The company demonstrated new achievements of its AI at Siggraph in Los Angeles.

Nvidia’s Vice-President of Marketing said that the brand has introduced AI to computer graphics. Today, Holodeck can design animation of a person's face for the same time as a professional artist does. In the future, it will learn to do it faster and save 80% of time when creating 3D faces.

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The company is also developing algorithms that will increase definition and realism of images in video games. This year, Nvidia plans to train 100 000 designers of AI systems (that is 10 times more than in 2016).

Nvidia has high hopes for the machine learning technology: the company is convinced that soon artificial intelligence will replace the software.

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