AI news: AI creates resume by photo and recognizes violin musical techniques 05.04.2019
AI news: AI creates resume by photo and recognizes violin musical techniques

Finland involves prisoners in artificial intelligence training, while China will fight against gadget addiction using AI technologies. These and other AI events are described in our digest of the previous week.

Amazon adds work process optimization features to Alexa for Business

The Alexa for Business service has obtained additional options allowing companies to adjust Alexa voice assistant according to their needs.

Now, virtual assistant owners will be able to create voice commands for Alexa, which are required to solve various office tasks. They should just use ready templates. Besides, organizations do not have to write a code to install them.

Available patterns include answers to the range of common questions that attendees or personnel ask to HR managers or IT specialists. For example, Alexa for Business will tell them a guest Wi-Fi password, explain how to adjust a corporate email, etc.

Superjob designs neural network filling out resumes by jobseeker’s photo

To create a resume, Superjob’s AI system analyzes a loaded photo. Being trained on 25 million images, the neural network determines with the 98% accuracy jobseeker’s gender, age, and experience, as well as defines whether they have a college degree. Moreover, the algorithm recognizes what kind of 500 occupations belongs to a person.

Artificial intelligence examines individual’s dress depicted on the photo and specifies its price. Based on these data, the neural network decides what wage a jobseeker applies for.

Finnish prisons engage inmates in AI training

As part of cooperation between Vainu startup and the Finnish Criminal Sanctions Agency (CSA), two prisons have adopted a new type of labor for inmates. Now, persons deprived of liberty are sorting out and classifying information using PCs. These data are used to train artificial intelligence.

CSA’s members select prisoners for this work. Almost 100 people already focus on the information classification. They spend several hours per day for processing data, receiving a wage for each accomplished task.

Vainu co-founder Tuomas Rasila stresses that such a labor is useful to prisoners, as it develops their skills to be applied in the future.

AI to free the Chinese of phone addiction

Robin Li, Founder of Baidu, believes that Chinese citizens will have lesser addiction to their mobile phones in coming 20 years. It will be caused by the development and integration of artificial intelligence technologies.

According to Baidu’s representative, people will use numerous sensors in everyday life in the future. Such devices respond to human needs and satisfy their wishes. Robin Li believes that each industry has a potential for integrating AI solutions.

Artificial intelligence to classify violin musical techniques

An AI system able to automatically recognize musician’s motions during violin playing is developed by members of the Music Technology Group.

As part of research, a professional musician played the violin. He applied seven representative bow techniques. Scientists recorded his gestures and sounds produced by the instrument. Specialists synchronized data on the motion from the right forearm with the audio record. Based on this information, artificial intelligence learned how to define various violin playing techniques. As the result, the AI system identified musician’s movements at the 94% accuracy.

Researchers believe that their technology will help to teach violinists.

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