Apple has taken one more significant step to become the AI technology leader: the company is developing Neuro Engine processor designed for artificial intelligence operations. The ready-made chip will allow to improve natural language and image recognition methods, as well as will increase battery capacity.

Apple has been long designing technologies and products based on artificial intelligence, being one of leading AI market players. Currently, company devices use two chips for complicated computing processes: processor and graph unit.

Neuro Engine – new Apple processor for artificial intelligence operations

The new solution will allow to handle all processes related with artificial intelligence using one chip. Thus, devices will function faster and battery charge will be longer-term. Obviously, Neuro Engine will be compatible with all new gadgets.

The company has focused on artificial intelligence long ago. It hires the best employees, builds research and development centers, and acquires prospective startups with unique ideas. So, it is safe to say that all Apple products will be based on artificial intelligence in the near future.