GoWeb International LTD has entered the computing hardware market just as it started to take shape. This allowed the company to become the most attractive investment project in China in 2016-2017. In the interview for AI Conference, the chief operations officer of GoWeb Igor Danilov tells how the company has won the nomination, which role the team plays in the business process, and shares future plans.

“We launched our project when the market just started to develop”

It all started when enthusiasts in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies decided to open their own computing center with mining hardware. We built the infrastructure pursuing our own benefits and managed to scale our idea into a business.

We launched our project when the market just started to develop, and thanks to the speedy progress, achieved good results. We developed, produced, and tested the hardware and managed to launch it in the retail market.

“Now difficulties carry less significance because we formed a team of professionals”

At that time, the biggest difficulty was to find professional employees with relevant experience in cryptocurrency mining. We were looking for different specialists, from engineers to developers.

Other difficulties connected with logistics, search for platforms, and design of our own mobile data centers carry less significance now, because we formed a team of professionals.

“Transformations have touched upon all activity areas, from logistics and development to design”

Changes take place all the time – it is the fact of the market we work in. Transformations have touched upon all activity areas, from logistics processes and hardware development to design of mobile computing centers. The range of services we offer has also changed.

From the moment of foundation and market launch of our company, we have been observing a gradual consolidation of small companies towards major players. At the same time, the information field of mining and cryptocurrencies has increased by hundred times, which gives almost any person a possibility to try himself in this area.

“We wanted to develop a product of the future – thanks to that we were highly assessed in China”

Winning the nomination The Most Attractive Investment Project in China 2016–2017 is perhaps one of the most significant events in the life of our company. When we came to China to discuss capabilities of our hardware with leading engineers of the Chinese market, we pursued just one goal – to create a product that is ahead of time.

After multiple attempts, we managed to develop hardware that owns a unique combination – stability of operation and alternative methods of application.

Our Chinese partners offered to run an independent evaluation of the obtained result (in the form of the readymade prototype) through participation in the closed contest. In the end, we received a broad response from the public, which helped us to outline the plan for future promotion.

“We are launching an ICO soon”

We primarily offer customized computational capabilities for the field of artificial intelligence. Thanks to the developments of our specialists, we have a possibility to make a beneficial offering to every interested individual.

Our company is launching an ICO soon to attract investments and scale projects. Besides, we want to develop new directions and advance computing hardware in order to provide the best service in the computation market.

Currently, we are actively working on the development of a framework for AMD graphics cards to adapt them for making such computations.

GoWeb International LTD is a Bag Sponsor of AI Conference that will also present itself in the exhibition area. To talk to company representatives and test their products, register to AI Conference, held in Moscow on November 22.