Market is lack of deep learning specialists 17.03.2017
Market is lack of deep learning specialists

According to Business Insider, it is the development of self-driving car market that has encourages the growth of the artificial intelligence industry.

Indeed, today, almost all car manufacturers are trying to implement a progressive AI solution – deep learning – even at the design stage of new models. However, there is one problem: we are too lack of experts in this AI sector.

The deep learning technology allows autonomous cars to acquire safe driving skills much faster than using common programming. Machine learning is rapidly developing and advancing its opportunities. So, in 2016, artificial intelligence beat a person for the first time in the GO game, requiring not only logics but also intuition. Besides, the computer managed to beat the experienced poker player.

However, within the rapid growth of machine learning opportunities, there is a severe shortage of specialists who will be able to develop and implement these technologies as well as teach others to work with them. According to KPMG statistics, previous year, 28 companies had more than10 deep learning experts.

As the result, companies focusing on AI technologies have arranged a real arms race for the best specialists. They are stolen by high wages, more comfortable conditions, career prospects etc. A lot of universities such as Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge have already felt disadvantages of drain of high-skilled scientific employees.

Besides, major corporations highly invest in startups developing AI solutions. Well, Ford invested $1 billion in Argo AI.

Thus, nowadays, deep learning specialists are especially in-demand on the market.

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