The banking sector has been among the first to use the artificial intelligence technology, therefore practical conclusions can be drawn in this field. AI Conference will offer an industry-specific panel discussion moderated by the founder of SKOLKOVO Private Banking & Wealth Management Club Roman Davydov.

Roman developed and promoted new trademarks in the FMCG markets in Russia and Europe, realized a number of successful startups in several corporations. Investment banker, practitioner in corporate finance, thought leader. Roman regularly writes materials on impact investing, asset and wealth management for mass media.

Roman will be a moderator and participant of the panel discussion titled “Use of AI technologies in the banking sector”. The speaker wants to highlight the following issues:

  • established practice in the finance sector;
  • synergy of smart technologies;
  • interrelation of digitalization and business profitability.

The panel discussion will take place on April 19 at 13:00. Attend ►►►