Is it possible to develop universal artificial intelligence capable of adapting to different types of tasks? Mind Simulation states it is real and their engineers are moving towards the solution. At the booth at the exhibition area of AI Conference, the company will present the work of a universal core exemplified by the future personal assistant.

The Mind Simulation Laboratory is engaged in fundamental scientific research and developments in the field of artificial intelligence, such as:

  • processing of natural language and definition of the meaning of speech with the help of own unique developments;
  • modeling of a unique hybrid system of knowledge representation in a form independent of natural language;
  • creation of algorithms for self-learning and self-filling of knowledge gaps.

The key company’s product is Core Expert, a universal intelligent core with a modular structure. Developers use hybrid methods and interdisciplinary approach to its application. Core Expert was used to develop another product – Steve, a personal assistant that deploys components of the universal core and demonstrates its capabilities.

At the booth at the exhibition area of AI Conference, attendees will be able to learn more about the product and functions of virtual assistants based on AI. Organizers of AI Conference invite everyone interested in the development of universal artificial intelligence to attend the presentation of Vasily Mazin, Director of Scientific Research at Mind Simulation, which will take place at the conference zone.