Nice robot invaders, AI and agony of choosing: AI movies lineup 16.01.2019
Nice robot invaders, AI and agony of choosing: AI movies lineup

Dozens of articles about artificial intelligence leave you confused by its true nature. Is it a line of code? A robot murder turned against its creator?

Both are possible.

There exists a theory of two artificial intelligence types – weak and strong. Roughly speaking, weak AIis all AI products we currently have: machine vision, speech synthesis, neural networks, etc. They are guided by a clearly defined algorithm and can analyze what is going on around.

By contrast, strong AIis conscious and adaptive to changes that differ from the initially specified conditions. It is not a reality nowadays but the topic inspired movie directors.

Let us look at the movie lineup to see how people see strong AI.

* Note that the lineup does not mention world-known The Terminator. However, if you missed this movie, take time to watch it. The Terminator is a classic of films about smart robots that contributed to all the movies below.

Eva (2011)

IMDb – 6,7/10

The film is set in 2041. Machines live along humans. Álex Gareld, a renowned cybernetic engineer and AI developer, gets an order – create a robot child with emotions.

Álex starts searching for a prototype to create a robot. Meanwhile, he meets Eva who is a daughter of his brother and a woman he secretly loves. The girl helps create a robot. Álex is surprised by Eva’s incapability to control emotions.

Bicentennial Man (1999)

IMDb – 6,9/10

Bicentennial Manis a single film depicting robots as nice creatures.

The film tells a story of Andrew, a unique robot bought to perform housekeeping duties. Instead, Andrew establishes close relationships with a family, shares its good and bad life periods, discover friendship and love. It is a 200-year story.

The film is relatively old so there are not lots of top-notch special effects. However, the picture is great: Bicentennial Man was nominated for the Best Makeup Oscar.

BlinkyTM (2011)

IMDb – 7,0/10

This horror film lasts only 13 minutes. In spite of its short runtime, it raises far more important questions than the majority of feature films.

The film tells a story of a very nice robot assistant Blinky. Parents of its master little Alex are always busy and compensate the lack of love for their child with nice toys. Blinky was part of them.

At first, Alex is very glad to obtain such an interesting present. With times, the boy realizes that Blinky cannot make his family more friendly. Then, Alex starts taking it out on the robot. However, he has no idea about the abilities of a creature that seems to be so helpless at first glance.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

IMDb – 7,1/10

Two features of this film are brilliant acting that gives the shivers and Steven Spielberg’s distinctive direction. Several nominations for the Golden Globes and Oscar as well as Best Film Award at the Venice Film Festival prove it.

The film depicts a story of a robot child David programmed to display love for his owners. The robot is given to a family with a critically ill son. However, when he is cured of his disease and brought home, David starts behaving in a strange way.

As a result, the mother decides to return the robot but leaves it in the forest. However, David tries to act as Pinocchio and become human.

Ex Machina (2014)

IMDb – 7,7/10

This science fiction film touches upon an ethical problem: can we treat AI as a thing?

Programmer Caleb has been working at a multibillion corporation for a long time. He has an opportunity to visit a country house of the CEO and investigate the female AI. Ava is a very smart, beautiful robot with a deep inner world. Caleb begins to feel attracted to the humanoid but the robot has pretty different plans.

By the way, the film has a very captivating picture. It received the Best Visual Effects Oscar.

If you have a bee in your bonnet concerning robots capturing the globe, better watch another film.

Her (2013)

IMDb – 8,0/10

The film’s main character is an introverted man who suffers heavily from a divorce with his wife. To relieve these emotions, he purchases a system that includes a virtual assistant. The operating system becomes a great companion, and soon, romantic feelings arise between them.

You may think that the film reveals a topic of romantic relations between people and AI. Nonetheless, Ex Machinais a dynamic thriller while Heris a slow drama film focused on feelings and emotions.

Be Right Back (2013)

IMDb – 8,1/10

Be Right Backis the first episode of the second series of British series Black Mirror. Of course, mentioning this episode in the top is not rather correct but avoiding the creation of Charlie Brooker who came up with lot of AI ideas would be blasphemy. Besides, one episode lasts about an hour, which looks like an ordinary fiction film.

The main character suffers from the grief: her husband was killed in a car accident. To ease her depression, a girl sets up a chatbot imitating texting with her husband. At first, she writes her pseudo husband a couple of messages, then spends multiple hours chatting via a smartphone.

Later, the girl goes to extremes and orders an android with the appearance of the deceased husband. Will the machine replace a closed one?

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