On November 22, Moscow will host AI Conference, an event dedicated to artificial intelligence, Big Data, machine learning, chatbots, information security, and their application in businesses.

The organizer – Smile-Expo – is holding the event for the third time. This year, the conference will involve representatives of companies that have successfully integrated AI into their business processes and are ready to share their experience.

The first speakers of AI Conference include representatives of Yandex, 1C-Bitrix, CleverDATA, X5 Retail Group, and Mind Simulation.

Mikhail Blagutin: how Yandex customers use speech recognition and synthesis

Mikhail Blagutin is the head of strategy and commercial planning at Yandex.Cloud. Prior to Yandex, he was engaged in entrepreneurship and worked for McKinsey & Company as a consultant in strategic development, finance management, and business economy.

Mikhail’s presentation topic: Yandex AI services: machine translation, intelligent speech, and computer vision.

The expert will tell the audience how Yandex applies AI, what issues AI technologies can solve, how they are developing, and what companies can use them.

Sergey Vostrikov: engineering approach to machine learning

Sergey Vostrikov is the head of Marketplace and Integration at 1C-Bitrix since 2015. He has been working in the software development sector for more than 20 years. Sergey is also engaged in AI integration projects at Bitrix24.

At the conference, the expert will speak on the topic: Engineering approach to machine learning. Case studies of victories and defeats.

The speaker will explain what Data Satanism means and why machine learning is not always related to Big Data. Sergey will share his experience of applying the engineering approach to ML, confirming information by case studies.

Denis Afanasyev: how to make Big Data work for business

Denis Afanasyev is the CEO at CleverDATA. He has been engaged in the IT sector for more than 15 years, i.e. in such areas as investment banking automation, telecommunications, finances, and digital marketing. In 2014, he became the head of CleverDATA, one of the leaders in Big Data analytics and marketing automation.

Denis Afanasyev’s presentation topic: Trends of the audience data market and the role of the machine learning in marketing communication.

The speaker will reveal development and regulation peculiarities of Russia’s data market. He will explain how machine learning customizes marketing communications with clients and show how data operations help to create unique content for consumers based on case studies.

Valeriy Babushkin: how to use Uplift modeling to improve company operations

Valeriy Babushkin is a Data Science specialist at X5 Retail Group. Besides, he is the head of Analytics at Yandex.Sovetnik and a lecturer at the Higher School of Economics. The expert also consults the Swiss-based startup called Monetha. By Kaggle, Valery Babushkin is listed in top 121 world’s Data Science specialists.

Valeriy’s presentation topic: Uplift modeling: nature and mechanisms.

The speaker will describe how to use a ML-based predictive method in order to assess the impact on users, reduce the customer churn, and determine their price elasticity. Valeriy Babushkin will focus on the types of Uplift model building, as well as thoroughly examine and compare three of them. The expert will talk about existing ways of building models within each of three cases and about their purposes and application.

Vasily Mazin: how to use the intelligent core to solve various tasks

Vasily Mazin is the Chief Research Officer at Mind Simulation laboratory. For 15 years, he has been giving lectures at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the Kuban State University. However, he left his academic activity in order to devote his time to his project. Besides Mind Simulation, Vasily developes hybrid models of knowledge representation and methods of working with them. He is a lecturer at the Geek Picnic popular-scientific festival.

Vasily Mazin’s presentation topic: Hybrid models application when developing AI systems.

The speaker will review a hybrid modular approach to the development of the AI system core, as well as describe key structures and their interaction. He will give examples of applying the intelligent core to solve tasks from various human activity areas and talk about the progress and current condition of core development.

To discover more about all speakers involved in AI Conference, follow the news on the event website.

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