Marketing analytics in business: from CIS regional director of OWOX Ilya Chukhlyaev 13.03.2019
Marketing analytics in business: from CIS regional director of OWOX Ilya Chukhlyaev

Today companies use artificial intelligence in various ways, one of which is marketing forecasting. It allows companies to understand how sales will be growing and what risks exist in the market.

Implementation of marketing analytics in the operation of companies will be discussed at Moscow-based AI Conference on April 9. CIS regional director of OWOX Ilya Chukhlyaev will make a presentation titled ‘How to forecast areas of grows and risks in the marketing plan based on data’.

Key points:

  • how Google Cloud Platform solutions will help the chief marketing officer to realize the sales plan;
  • how to set goals related to the development of marketing analytics correctly;
  • review of main technologies and competences at every planning stage;
  • what to get ready to when implementing marketing analytics in business;
  • data sources that allow forecasting the realization of the marketing plan.

Ilya Chukhlyaev is an expert in analytics with around 6 years of experience. The expert was Head of Analytics at Adventum, the first performance-marketing agency in Russia.

The specialist worked with major customers in the fields of telecom, finance, real estate, and multichannel retail.

Today the speaker holds the position of CIS regional director at OWOX, the company that developsе-commerce platforms and Google Cloud Platform services.

Besides, the expert is a certified Google Analytics consultant and Yandex training partner.

Learn more about marketing analytics from the specialist at the conference!

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