Russia leads the pack in AI adoption and Mail.Ru launches an AI division: AI news of the week 08.03.2019
Russia leads the pack in AI adoption and Mail.Ru launches an AI division: AI news of the week

Which country has Microsoft called a leader in the implementation of artificial intelligence? What tasks will the new face recognition system allow to solve for shopping malls and how much money is Mail.Ru planning to invest in the AI niche? Read about the main AI news of the past week in the digest.

Watcom Groupand NtechLab will develop a face recognition system for customers of shopping malls

Basing on the FindFace technology, Watcom Groupand NtechLab will develop the AI system that will allow retailers to collect different data about buyers and employees.

The new technology is expected to help outlets to calculate the number of visitors, the number of their subsequent visits, the conversion rate (from a visitor to a buyer), and learn about customer relocations. The system will allow retailers to detect frauds, receive data about age and gender of consumers, and find out which emotions they experience. Besides, thanks to this AI solution, managers of stores will be able to monitor the performance of employees.

The development of the face recognition system is expected to cost from 30 to 100 million rubles.

Microsoft acknowledged Russia a leader in the implementation of AI technologies

The survey conducted by Microsoft has shown that Russian enterprises are more active in the adoption of AI technologies than the US and European companies.

The research has shown that 30% of surveyed top executives from Russia are already using AI systems and have included the AI technology in their corporate strategies. For Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA this figure on average equals to 22.3%.

At Russian companies, 73% of top managers have a positive attitude to AI and believe that this technology can help them solve management tasks. 90% of respondents from Russia are ready to study in order to use AI systems efficiently.

UNESCO will use AI to renovate cultural monuments in Syria

UNESCO is working on the large-scale project intended to renovate objects of the cultural and historical heritage in the Syrian town called Aleppo destroyed because of hostilities. For this purpose, the international organization will use the AI and autonomous air vehicles.

Currently, UNESCO is training technical specialists that will be realizing this project.

Mail.Ru Group will spend up to 1.5 billion rubles on AI niche

The Russian Group is launching a new division called MRG Tech Lab, where groups of experts will be developing new technologies and products in the fields of AI, image and voice recognition. Besides, specialists will be designing experimental communication products.

In 2019, the company plans to invest from 1 to 1.5 billion rubles in MRG Tech Lab.

AI tech to help organizing the Special Olympics World Games in UAE

Special Olympics World Games set to kick off on March 14 in UAE will use artificial technologies for analyzing data and providing various services to attendees of the event. A special team of innovative technologies experts will be responsible for integrating the AI systems in the sports games.

Participants of the Olympics would be able to use software to keep up with the updates on the schedules of their sports activities. Also, athletes will be provided with smart watches.

Special Olympics will take place in Abu Dhabi within 14-21 of March. The tournament will gather some 7,000 athletes from 170 countries of the world.

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