The former Head of Uber’s AI labs, Gary Marcus, during his presentation at the EmTech Digital conference said that the corporations’ pragmatism hampered the global development of the AI industry.

According to the expert, one should not get deceived by huge investments in AI projects, as they are focused only on specific goals related to the income increase of certain companies. This is the reason why the industry does not move forward as quickly as it may seem at the first glance. Moreover, the focus of the best developers on short-term goals does not allow them to get engaged in more global tasks.

Short-term corporate goals hamper global development of AI industry

Gary Marcus admits that his main fear is related to the development cease and waste enormous resources for achieving immediate results, which will not allow to develop a common artificial intelligence.

Unlike the ex-head of Uber's AI departament, Ilya Sutskever, Co-founder and Director of OpenAI, believes that corporate investments accelerate progress and the day when artificial intelligence will reach and surpass human capabilities is near.