Intel invested more than $1 billion in AI startups 25.09.2017
Intel invested more than $1 billion in AI startups

Technology giant Intel Corporation is actively exploring the technology of artificial intelligence by investing in and acquiring promising startups. According to the CEO of the company Brian Krzanich, Intel has invested more than $1 billion in AI developing business.

In fact, the corporation invested among other in following startups:

  • Mighty AI;
  • Data Robot;
  • Lumiata.

Intel earlier acquired Nervana Systems, Altera and Movidius as part of the restructuring. Technology giant established a research group with its own specialized laboratory on their basis. Naveen Rao, former Nervana CEO, became the head of a new group.

Intel plans to create the best AI-platform concerning the reliability, security, performance and integration capabilities.

To achieve this goal, corporation invests in research, development and technology, and builds relationships with representatives of business, science, government and social groups.


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